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Karen Gordon
Karen Gordon got her start competing on the high school debate team, in the category of "Humorous Interpretation (thanks, Mrs. Radow!)," eventually winning several national titles, and nabbing a ranking as one of the top "H.I."-ers in the country. Over 400 projects later, she has graced silvery screens, t.v. screens, and radios all over the globe. A graduate of Harvard, her daily changing answering machine messages got her voted "One of the Ten Funniest People" in a poll by the campus paper, The Harvard Crimson.

Her favorite adventures to date? In t.v. land, arguing with Larry David on "Curb Your Enthusiasm;" in the voice world, playing with 15+ voices on City by the Sea (Robert De Niro & Frances McDormand); and in the film universe, kvelling with the gang on Meet the Fockers (where she played--no kidding--wacky Focker relative Anita Focker). Karen is currently filming the independent feature, Perceptions (starring Jason Ritter), and you can catch her in the upcoming Bad News Bears (Billy Bob Thornton & Marcia Gay Harden)...Thank you to Elan and fellow cast & crew, for a joyous adventure on Induction...